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Freedom for Veterans

A controversial concept today is curses. Some people believe that curses cannot have any effect on a Christian and yet others continue to see the evidence of curses playing out in the lives of Godly people. We are not here to argue which belief you have. However, for two very broken sets of veterans, we are listing assignments that were declared over our troops while they fought on foreign soil.

Vietnam Veterans: Three assignments were prayed over the veterans 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by the Buddhist Monks in Vietnam.

  • that they would be angry men and women all of their lives 

  • that they would have a wandering spirit attached to them 

  • that they would never find rest


We have seen so many Vietnam Veterans set free after breaking these curses off of them.

Iraq, Iran, Kuwait Veterans:

  • that their marriages will fail

  • that they would walk under the martyr spirit. This martyr spirit causes veterans to feel like they have failed their mission by coming home alive - not that they lived while others died, but that they did not die at all.

Breaking curses/assignments is not hard to do. Using words they understand, ask  if they have seen evidence of these situations in their lives. Then ask God to come and break off these curses/assignments and release them into freedom.

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