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Basic Sozo Training

The goal of the Bethel Sozo Basic training is to provide tools and information to be trained in the Bethel Sozo ministry. In the Basic Training the Father Ladder, Four Doors, Presenting Jesus and The Wall are the tools taught. Forgiveness teaching and other pertinent information are also included in the training.

The seminar is set up so that once the Bethel Sozo training is completed, the church or organization has developed experience, and the pastor/leader is comfortable with the Sozo ministry, then the group is able to start a Bethel Sozo ministry.

If the new Bethel Sozo ministry wishes to be part of the Bethel Sozo Network, a relationship with a Regional Director nearest to their location is required.

The tools and information are helpful for those in other inner healing/deliverance ministries, healing rooms, prayer or counseling ministries.

The leadership that is hosting the training will determine those invited to attend this seminar. Those invited can be from the congregation, people released into the Sozo ministry or people from the community.

If the leadership is interested, the Regional Facilitator and his team can travel on Tuesday thus allowing the opportunities for personal ministry time on Wednesday and Thursday, morning and afternoon. The Basic Sozo training is all day Friday and Saturday (9am-5pm). The number of team members traveling to the location will determine the number of personal sessions that can be accommodated. We ask for a donation of $75 for each personal ministry time during these time slots. 

Travel expenses including lodging and meals are the responsibility of the requesting organization or person, for more information view the Basic Sozo Training Details.

If you are interested in booking a Training Seminar at your location please fill out the Travel Request Form.

For questions or more information, contact:

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