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Advanced Sozo Training

The goal for the Advanced Sozo training is to provide support and additional information for those already providing Bethel Sozo ministry. The Advanced Training is set up for those Bethel Sozo ministries that have been up and running for at lest 6 months.

The seminar will be teaching two additional Sozo tools: Triggers and Divine Editing. This seminar also includes training for Prophetic Deliverance and also the Shabar ministry (a ministry to shattered individuals).

The leadership that is hosting the training will determine those invited to attend this seminar. However those invited should be people released into the Sozo ministry and doing the Bethel Sozo ministry for at lest 6 months. The Bethel Sozo training team and leadership of host church/organization may make exceptions to the attendance rule.

The Advanced Sozo training days is all day Friday and Saturday (9am-5pm). 

Travel expenses including lodging and meals are the responsibility of the requesting organization or person, for more information contact Anna Hill at

If you are interested in booking a Training Seminar at your location please fill out the Travel Request Form.

For questions or more information, contact:

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