Prayers for Autism

Here is a prayer for your consideration in praying for someone who displays Autistic characteristics.

Prayers for Autism

  • Command in the name of Jesus in the 2 areas of your child.

    1. Pathophysiology

      • Brain development will properly align according to God’s original plan & timetable

      • Right amount of neurons, good local connections in key brain regions

      • balanced excitatory-inhibitory networks

      • normal formation of synapses and dendritic spines

      • a balanced immune response

      • successful neuro development

      • healing to the neurotransmitters, receptors and synapses

      • normal blood levels of serotonin

      • normal development of mirror neuron system

      • balance in toggling between task-positive network & default network

      • local right connectivity in the cortex and normal functional connections between the frontal lobe and the rest of the cortex

      • right connection within each hemisphere of the cortex

      • nomal order in association cortex

      • on time responses in the brain's processing of auditory signals

      • the healing of genetic disorders, chromosome abnormality, anxiety disorders, mental retardation

    2. Socially

      • ability to express needs & feelings verbally

      • good social interaction and communication

      • good attachment security

  • Release peace into spirit, soul, & every part of the body: brain, genes, chromosome, etc. Wholeness!