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International Bethel Sozo Organization

The Bethel Sozo ministry wishes to welcome you to the International Bethel Sozo Organization. We are gathering together individuals, churches, and organizations that have found Sozo to be fun and effective in the inner healing arena.

The Bethel Sozo Ministry was birthed in 1997 to aid individuals in inner healing, freedom and connection to the Godhead. Since 1998, the Bethel Sozo Ministry Team has been traveling across the United States and internationally; training, equipping, and empowering other churches and organizations to start their own Sozo Ministry. In July of 2008, to better assistant those ministries that have been launched by Bethel Sozo, the International Bethel Sozo Organization was created by Bethel Sozo leaders Dawna DeSilva and Teresa Liebscher.

Our heart and mission is to bring together individual Sozo ministers or churches from around the world to partner with, as we connect people to the Father throughout the nations, while providing support to each.

The position of Regional Facilitator of IBSO provides a point of contact for the Bethel Sozo ministries around the world. The Regional Facilitators can provide training, mentoring, ministry and support for local Sozo ministries. 

What our Regional Facilitator can do for you:

  • aid, support, and training in dealing with difficult cases, issues or problems

  • provide regional summits to gather ministry leaders together to share testimonies, to discuss questions and concerns, and to bless one another. 


Our requirements for IBSO include the following:

  • receive training from those released by Bethel Sozo via the Teacher's Certification program.

  • currently have an active Sozo ministry for at least six months, ministering under our core values of honor, freedom and healing.

  • desire a connection and aid from your local Regional Facilitator.


There are different levels of connection to the IBSO. For more information contact us at

Spiritual Covering of the IBSO

The relationship between IBSO and those in the different levels of the Affiliates is a modified horizontal relationship (as contrasted to a vertical relationship). As such, Bethel Sozo will not be the primary spiritual covering for these ministries, although a professional covering can be implied. IBSO asks that you look to your church leadership or organizational leadership as the primary spiritual accountability structure. 



Our Regional



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