• SOZO Testimonies


First of all, I want to say thank you to Randy and his family for hosting the basic Sozo training I attended at your church. It was full of extremely valuable information that has led to breakthrough for several of my friends and family that I have shared it with. After attending basic Sozo training with my good friend and coworker Tiffany, we went back to our newly planted church and decided to practice on those close to us. God has radically changed the way that I interact with people when I counsel or pray for them. WOW! I have seen several women set completely free from things that had held them down since childhood. In fact, my husband and I were having dinner with a couple from our church and right there in the restaurant the wife was set free from An orphan spirit and the feeling of abandonment!! It was truly amazing. I wasn’t even trying to do a Sozo, we were just having a nice dinner when all of a sudden the Lord prompted me to pray with her and ask her to ask God about the lie she was believing in regards to her mother. She immediately started weeping and said “abandonment”. We tuned out the waiter and everyone else in the restaurant and we focused on exchanging that lie for the truth of God and she was radically set free. 

I have several other testimonies that are equally as amazing but would be too long to type out. One girl was set free from a lifetime of unhealthy comparison to her mother, another was delivered from oppression and was able to fully receive a compliment for the first time in her life (the smile on her face was priceless), and still another decided to finally release unforgiveness against her siblings that she had held in since elementary school. I am pumped to see what God will do next!!

Sozo has given me the vocabulary and strategy to take personal ministry to a whole new level. Our marriage ministry has been impacted, my family has seen a turnaround, and my personal passion for God’s children has been kicked into high gear! Thank you for spending time training up others. The kingdom of God is advancing greatly and I wanted you to know how grateful we are to Randy and his church. We will see you soon!

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