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The purpose of this event is to create a place for Sozo team members to be ministered to. 

This year is going to be something really special and you don't want to miss out! 

If you have been trained in Bethel Sozo then you are invited to join us for this event.


Schedule:Thurday - 6pm - 8:30pm

Friday - 10am - 12pm1:30pm - 5pmDinner

Saturday10am - 12pm1:30pm - 5PM


Our speakers this year will be:

Randy Hill - Randy is the founding pastor and senior leader of The Summit Church in Wylie, Texas, where he ministers with his wife Dana, the coolest 3 daughters in the WHOLE world, and an active and enthusiastic ministry team. He has been in full-time ministry for over 40 years, and is privileged to have seen many lives transformed by God’s goodness. He has Fathered many, and many of those are now Fathering and Mothering others in the Kingdom.

From humble beginnings in Lubbock, Texas, he now travels and speaks all over the world. As a published author and pastor, he strives to see hurting people made whole, coming to know the reality of God’s love for them. His heart is not just for individuals, but to bring churches together to change the spiritual atmosphere everywhere he ministers.

Randy is also the Regional Facilitator over North Texas and Oklahoma for the International Bethel Sozo Organization. He sees that ministry as a key component in growing people out of spiritual immaturity, selfishness and brokenness, and instead turning them into spiritual leaders and world changers.


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