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Living a life of worry has become so common now, many believers have even considered it to be a normal part of their lives. Worry is one of the main elements of many Christians’ relationship with God. But should it be?

In Curing Worry God’s Way, you’ll learn:

  • Living without worry is possible!

  • Biblical antidotes to worry

  • How to encounter God in the midst of hard times

  • What to do instead of worrying

Curing Worry God’s Way is full of powerful truths that uncover the mindsets that keep many trapped in worry, while dismantling them with the truth. Full of scriptural insight, each short chapter includes activations to get you out of worry and into the fullness God has for your life!

*This product is printed in Canada and its interior is printed on 100% post consumer waste recycled paper using eco-friendly inks. FSC certified.

Curing Worry God's Way

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