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The Bible isn’t an old-time version of a modern video game with pretend people. Real people encountered a real Jesus and got real answers to real problems. Setting the stage with exciting stories and characters taken from the pages of the Bible,
Encounters illuminates the human element in the lives that Jesus touched personally. Encounters crosses 2,000 years of time to burst into your life today with fresh and intimate revelation of the person of Jesus Christ. You will walk along with the everyday people with whom He interacted—feeling their joy and pain, thoughts and doubts. You will know beyond a shadow of a doubt the eternal truth that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.





"I will never read the Bible the same! It has become more alive, vibrant, and personal after reading Encounters!" ----Kevin Dedmon, Author, The Ultimate Treasure Hung

"Randy Hill has the uncommon ability to take words off the pages of history, getting inside a person and bringing that person to life. Time after time in trauma after trauma he brings broken, defeated, hopeless, helpless people to Jesus where they find wholeness. Bottom line for the reader: If He can do it for such as these, He can surely do it for me! May the reader see Jesus as they did and be made whole as they were." ----Jack Taylor President, Dimensions Ministries

"Wow! Randy Hill has hit a home run with this book! You will be encouraged and touched deeply by Randy's ability to bring to life the stories of those who had life-changing encounters with Jesus." ----Steve Backlund Cofounder of Igniting Hope Ministries--This text refers to the paperback edition.

Encounters Stories of Healing

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